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Monthly Highlights

Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips.

March 2011

Mark is a dentist so I think any excuse is good to get away from the daily routine of peering into people's mouths, not that he would ever admit that! He has the advantage of being a "leftie". Only a fraction of the anglers I guide are naturally left handed so some lies which are difficult for right handers are easy for Mark.

On one of our previous "expeditions" the poor guy had the misfortune of badly twisting his ankle while running after a hooked fish so I ended up playing the blissfully unaware trout out for him while he was writhing in agony on the ground! The situation would have been quite comical but for the crippling pain. That was the end of that trip but today all was well.

The Tekapo River is close to Twizel and has for years and years been a fantastic trout fishing river. Unfortunately the arrival of didymo has had a negative impact on the Tekapo (tail water fisheries suffer the worst effects) but this year, as a consequence of two major flood events, spilling has occurred down the river bed. A lot of the algae was removed and a mainly clean river bottom greeted us.

After a foggy start the sun finally came out and we were able to spot, my preferred method by far. The trout were not very active so the tactic was to target individual fish and try to induce a take with a carefully presented nymph.

No twisted ankle today!

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Mark with a good conditioned Tekapo rainbow.   A Tekapo brownie about to be netted.
Mark with a good conditioned Tekapo rainbow.   A Tekapo brownie about to be netted.

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