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Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips in New Zealand's Central South Island.

April 2014

This 2013/2014 season has really been in two distinct halves.

Prior to Christmas high river flows was the "norm" but from January onwards the sun stayed out and for two whole months hardly a drop of rain fell. Day after day of wall to wall sunshine with nary a breath of wind.

Ideal angling conditions although low flows do have the inconvenience of making the trout more wary so extra care is needed for that vital presentation cast.

Franck is no stranger to this situation having made countless fishing trips to NZ usually at this time of year.

Having such a wealth of experience is a valuable asset. No time is lost explaining the tactic to be employed and when it comes to execution Franck delivers!

Occasionally there is a certain situation where a very special cast can bring success on a deep lying fish. This happened on a day where a couple of missed opportunities had us staring down the barrel of returning fishless for the first time this season but thanks to perseverance on a particularly deep trout our honour was saved!

Even Franck was surprised. To be fair, it's not every day we can use this special tactic but catching a trout (usually a very good one) in this manner is oh so rewarding!!

The moral of the story - don't forget that net!!!"

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Fishing the Ahuriri   Brown trout   This fine trout was way down deep
Not a single blemish on this lovely fish   Pretty brownie in pristine surroundings   This fine trout was way down deep
Fishing en Nouvelle-Zelande   Out of the net and on his way home!   Not many spots on this fine brownie
A nice late season rainbow   Out of the net and on his way home!   Not many spots on this fine brownie
Fishing Lake Benmore en Nouvelle-Zelande   Fishing trip bookings   Fish takes the bait
Typical Lake Benmore brown trout       Another good cast fooled this pretty trout

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