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Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips in New Zealand's Central South Island.

April 2022


One advantage of fishing in the autumn in the Mackenzie region is the lack of wind. Earlier in the season wind can be a constant companion so fly fishing in remote valleys can be unpleasant at best or nigh on impossible if the nor’west cranks into gear! Cooler inland temperatures in the Autumn equates to mostly settled balmy calm days.

Today was simply idyllic! Not a breath of wind all day and nary a cloud in the sky. The downside for fly fishing at this time of year is the low angle of sun which make spotting trout very dificult. This trout was visible, but only just, near the tail of a pool. 30 minutes later and the occasion would have been lost. Trying to blind fish this type of water with low fish numbers quickly becomes soul destroying.

Far better to seek out a trout because once spotted the chances of spooking it are reduced and the chance of hooking it consequently increased. Success rate is also enhanced by fishing with a mate. One fishes (Ross) the other guides (Alan) with the roles reversed each time a trout is located.

For the record, this brown trout rose to a size #16 adams (special Alan) dry fly. 

The trout goes airborne in the fight
Flying fish

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Catch of the Month
April 2022

Trout hooked by anglers fly fishing in the lakes and rivers at the foot of the Southern Alps in New Zealand.

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