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Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips.

'Wild' December 09

December has been a pretty "wild" month with the El Nino conditions making life tough for fly anglers. John struck a break in the windy conditions to land these lovely fish.

One day was a bit out of the ordinary. Whilst fishing one of my favourite streams, we came across some merino lambs stranded on the waters' edge. Lambs can swim but they aren't fish! Hunger would proabably have driven them to "take the plunge" but being a farmer's son, I couldn't resist "rescuing" them so after stripping off all the fishing paraphernalia, managed to edge my way along the deep drop off and throw them up the bank 1 by 1. Catch and release of sorts!

The day's fishing was excellent even managing to dig a nice trout out of the "lamb" pool........."

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Big fish.
John's brownie.
Quality fish.

Big fish beaut surroundings

John with great conditioned brownie.

Quality fish on a rare calm day

A beautiful trout. Sheep in the river photo. Alan rescuing sheep.

Trout really are beautiful creatures ...

Shit that water is deep!

Alan is from a farming background.

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Another happy fly fisherman lands a trout in New Zealand.

Too busy holding his trophy to smile for the camera.
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