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December 2012

Didier is another regular angler. Usually accompanied by his mates, this time he was on his own. That is a big advantage from a guiding perspective. There are places which are only suitable for one person the principle being the more anglers you are the more water you need.

We took advantage of this rule and as it turned out, luck was on our side. You have to call it luck when you hook a trout on a size #16 fly on .16mm nylon only for the fly to pull loose then switch to a size #14 fly on .18mm nylon and present to the same fish with success! On top of that the fish in question turned out to be 4kg so my friend Didier was one happy chappy!

I always believe luck has a part to play in trout fishing. It may be getting to your spot and having it to yourself, the fish being active (not always the case) or maybe the fish you hooked avoiding that willow root! The list goes on ...

In Didier's case it is not so often that a hooked trout will get off then resume feeding as if nothing had happened!

At the end of the day "ce qui est pris n'est plus a prendre" which loosely translates to "what you have already taken no longer has to be caught"!

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Didier's big brownie.   Catch and release.   River fishing.
Didier's big brownie.   In good condition but a bit more growing to do for this fish!   Typical Tekapo River brown trout
Stunning scenery.       Vippers bugloss, Californian poppies and a fishing guide!
Flowers and sunshine - Spring time on Tekapo River       Vippers bugloss, Californian poppies and a fishing guide!

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