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Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips.

January 2013

John is a regular client and it's always a pleasure to welcome him back to Twizel. He stays in our self contained flat. I keep this for my guided clients to ensure there is always accommodation available for them.

Back home John gets few opportunities to cast a fly so he makes up for it when he comes to Twizel and then down in Southland, the second part of his regular "beat"!

"John has a relaxed attitude to his fishing and I'm sure being that way means more success on the water.

I have seen an angler get so worked up after a few dropped fish, missed strikes etc. you could almost sense the increase in blood pressure with each successive cast! That's the time to take a break, have a drink and try and settle the nerves.

In fly fishing, as in life in general, it is rare for everything to go to plan all of the time ............"

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Lovely Twizel River brownie   River fishing.   River fishing.
Lovely Twizel River brownie   Quality brown on a sunny day.   Fine brown trout ready to be set free.
Quick Release.       Hook up in pristine surroundings!
Fish kept under water ready for quick release after photo       Hook up in pristine surroundings!

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