Monthly Highlights

Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips in New Zealand's Central South Island.

January 2014

Alain, Sylvie and Lorenzo are regular clients and friends from New Caledonia. Trout fishing is not possible in NC so it's a case of cashing in when they are back in NZ.

Thanks to the guidance of his dad (and grandad Alain), young Lorenzo, only a teenager, is already a very competent fly angler. Stream fishing is unavailable in NC so it's to his credit that he is able to adapt to kiwi style streamcraft especially since this is only his second fishing trip out here.

Alain and Sylvie are "old" hands and have been regulars for over 10 years combining fishing with their passion for Harley Davidson motor bikes!!!!

HedgehogOne of the highlights this time round was the "capture" of a hedgehog. Lorenzo plucked the lucky animal out of the river as it drifted past - no fly required!

Hedgehogs aren't the most popular of creatures as they can spread TB and are also guilty of eating river bed nesting bird eggs. That said, it is still hard not to take a liking to these otherwise inoffensive creatures. This one had a Lucky escape!

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Lorenzo   River fishing  
Sylvie shows off her catch   Family fishing photo   Lorenzo shows the guide a nice fish
Lorenzo shows his catch   The beautiful high country scenery   Catch and release

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