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Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips.

March 2010

Peter is a regular visitor to the Mackenzie Region but it is the first time I have had the pleasure of guiding this affable Aussie.

The day turned out perfect for us - light winds and bright sunshine.

The success of a fishing trip is often up to the weather on the day. In this country bright calm conditions are ideal for trout fishing whereas elsewhere on the planet you would hang up your rod for the day and wait for the rain to arrive!

Away we went and soon we started to find our quarry. The day turned out to be a "ripper". The fish were active right from the start of the day and they stayed that way until we finished. While it's great to have days where the fish are eager to cooperate, if I had the choice I would sooner catch a few less on those days and a couple more on the really tough ones. Of course it doesn't work like that so you cash in when you have the chance. One thing is for sure, I didn't hear Peter complaining while he was reeling them in!"

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Releasing a trout.
Crystal clear fishing water.
Peter carefully releasing a nice brownie.
Idyllic scenery, crystal clear water and a trout on the end of the line.

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