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March 2013

March 2013 has been as dry as I can ever recall. It has certainly been a season of two halves. Spring wet and cold culminating in floods in the rivers to the west at new year then balmy hot sunny days for the following three months!

Day after day of settled weather, while great for spotting, is not necessarily ideal for fishing. Dropping river levels and increasing water temperatures can lead to wary and easily spooked trout. On the positive side, lower flows in larger rivers reveal lies previously inaccessible to the fly angler.

Proposed changes to the NZ Resource Management Act could see protection afforded to our rivers reduced or removed altogether, ultimately adversely effecting the trout fishery. I hope common sense will prevail over short term boom and bust development. Fingers crossed!

It really has been a global month for me with a panache of clients from NZ, Australia, Scotland, Germany, Japan and the US!

Check out some of the action in this month's photos ...

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Sharing a joke - fishing should be fun.   River fishing.   Pretty Mackenzie high country spotted rainbow.
Sharing a joke - fishing should be fun!   Sheryll enjoys her catch - so does the guide!   Pretty high country spotted rainbow
A pretty spotted brown trout   Harald with an impressive brownie   Showing off the catch to the camera.
... and an equally pretty spotted brown   Harald with an impressive brownie   Say cheese!
Fish on the line.   Fish is landed   Book your guide now for next fishing season in NZ.
Fish on!   ... and landed   Get in early and book for the next fishing season now.

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