Monthly Fishing Highlights with NZ Fly Fishing Guide Alan Campbell

Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips in New Zealand's Central South Island.

March 2014

Jacques with a
Fishing Lake Benmore for brown trout
typical Lake Benmore brownie

Jacques has been a faithful client going all the way back to our "Glenburn" days.

From 1995 to 2001 Marie and I were based at the then Glenburn Holiday Park on the shoreline of Lake Benmore near Omarama.

It was an ideal location to host anglers as the really keen ones could get up early to pit their skills against the cruising brown trout along the lake edge before heading out for the day's guiding!

We don't have a lake on our doorstep in Twizel, our home since 2001, but it's very central for exploring the Central South Islands' many waters..

This year Jean-Louis was Jacques' guest for their 10 day fishing stint. The most memorable day was the day with no net!

I'm very fussy about drying all equipment because of the risk of spreading didymo and systematically hang my net up in a tree at the end of each day's fishing for the wind to remove any moisture. On this particular day, the net stayed in the tree!

Arriving at our destination I soon discovered that we would have to improvise and improvise we did. Nerve wracking to say the least grabbing each trout by the tail salmon style, but of the handful of fish landed none escaped during the delicate task of handing the catch over to the successful angler for that all important photo!

The moral of the story - don't forget that net!!!"

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Fishing the Ahuriri   Fishing the Ahuriri   Fishing the brown trout
Jean-Louis putting plenty of side pressure on an Ahuriri brownie   Further down the river it was Jacques' turn with Jean-Louis looking on   Pretty Brown trout for Jacques
Fishing en Nouvelle-Zelande   Fishing the Ahuriri   Returning the fish to the river
Jean-Louis with a superb catch   Pretty rainbow on a windy day!   Gently does it!

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