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Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips in New Zealand's Central South Island.

March 2017

Fly fishing for trout in beautiful New Zealand
The smile says it all!

"There are days when everything just "clicks".

Fine weather, good water conditions and lack of other anglers all conspire to make a red letter day.

Nancy and Mark just happened to experience one of those occasions.

Travelling up from Wanaka meant an early start for the pair but that didn't dampen their enthusiasm.

We had barely started fishing the first pool when Mark was in to his first trout of the day and what a beautiful brown, 7lb on the nose!

Obviously from a guiding perspective you can't ask for a better start !!

It didn't end there though.

The trout were out and feeding so a string of other catches followed.

Now fishing is fishing and anglers often base their impressions of a river on their first visit. As Nancy put it "this is our new favourite river"!!!

I had to point out that it isn't always like that but I'm not sure if my clients believed me!

In all honesty, and I'm sure many other guides would agree, I would glady exchange the big catch days for the really hard ones when a couple of fish is the max. I reckon half a dozen fish would be ideal but it's the fishing gods who have the final say about that!

Even re-tweaking an injured ankle couldn't spoil the day for Mark although he did take a rest while Nancy and I explored a further 2 or 3 pools - no signs of any domestic jealousy there!!

As in all good things, eventually the day came to an end but the memories will last a life time!"


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Fly fishing trout in beautiful New Zealand   Fly fishing and catch and release for trout in New Zealand
Nancy with another nice rainbow..   One very happy lady!
Fly fishing trout in beautiful New Zealand
Everyone's happy except perhaps the trout!
Fly fishing trout in beautiful New Zealand   Fly fishing trout in beautiful New Zealand
Another large brown trout for Mark.   The fishing guide gets to hold Nancy's baby!
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