Monthly Highlights - November 2009

Below are photos and a story from the recent month's guided fly fishing trips.

The 3 A's

It's certainly a first for me. A day on the Tekapo river with 2 clients and everyone has the same christian name! There was Alan, Allan and Alan the guide. To avoid confusion we decided to make a few temporary alterations so Allan remained Allan, Alan became young Alan and I became just Al.

This worked fine - most of the time!

It was a typical Mackenzie Country Spring day. A strong westerly was our unwelcome companion. We worked around the wind but the intermittent cloud cover combined with the "waves" made it tough to present correctly to the trout.

The "boys" did great. As they explained, compared to their native Tasmania, they thought conditions were near perfect!

I would show young Alan or Allan where I wanted the cast put and, in spite of the tough conditions, they duly obliged. The ability to put the fly on the right spot first time is the key to catching wary fish

[click photos to enlarge]

Preparing to fish the Tekapo river.
Alan nets a fish - Australia.
Alan from Tasmania's first catch.

Getting into position.

It's a team effort!

Alan's first fish of the day

Alan from Tasmania. Releasing the trout back into the river photo. Mark Easton with his catch.

Happiness is.....

A quick photo and this brown is on his way

Same river - different angler, different day.

See the pressure on the rod. Allan with his river trout.

Plenty of pressure on the fish

A succesful stalk and capture.


Random Catches

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